What to wear to a STORE workshop

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The primary purpose of STORE is to provide educational space in which everyone is comfortable. As such here are a few guidelines for how to dress for a STORE educational event.

STORE will be taking a no nudity/lingerie/underwear policy during educational events. This is to respect all attendees boundaries and to delineate the difference between a learning space and a play space. If you think of workshops as being like dressing for a yoga or dance class you’ll probably get it right.

Temperature is the main issue for most people and layering is often the way to go. Sometimes it will be too hot, sometimes it will be too cold. Many of you will notice that your body temperature increases greatly during ties and suddenly drops off afterwards. Preparing for this in advance is essential.

For those tying, you may find that light comfortable trousers and a t-shirt/vest gives the best range of movement with the option of adding a thicker jumper or jacket on top to keep warm when not active. Skirts are generally a bit impractical for doing rope, but you will find a long and loose skirt much easier than a short tight one. Many people have a tendency to tie in bare feet or socks only (which is mandatory in venues with matted floors!) but generally go with what you are comfortable in. Learning a tie is not the time to try out your new towering heels!

Those being tied should try keep things easy for the people doing the tying. In general the more detail of your body they can see the better. The ideal is probably leotard and leggings but will not suit all people’s confidence with body shape. Technical t-shirts and baselayers found in sports shops are a great alternative. Try to avoid very baggy clothes or clothes with a slippery surface as these make learning quite tough for your partner as ropes will slip about or be in the wrong place. Bring a warm jumper or blanket for in between activity.

Items that may cause issues:

  • Underwired bras – the underwire sits exactly where ropes would like to be and can cause a ruined bra at best, painful pressure at worst.
  • Fishnet/lace tights – those wee beggars get caught on everything!
  • Strappy tops or cutout details on the back of a top – try keeping your back as fuss free as possible and as tight to the skin as possible

If you have other suggestions or questions please feel free to add them below!


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