Floorwork Weekend with Wykd Dave & Clover – 9th-10th August – Glasgow

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STORE is delighted to present a weekend of Workshops with Wykd Dave & Clover.

WykD_Dave (Dave Rickman) is a UK-based rope enthusiast, who now teaches and performs internationally accompanied by his partner Clover. He started exploring rope 22 years ago and was autodidact for the first 17 years, until a lesson with rope professional Osada Steve changed his way of tying. Dave loves Japanese style rope work, and decided to dedicate himself to this. “It isn’t about the rope, it’s about the expression, the look in the eyes, the hopelessness, the agony”.

Now, Dave feels fortunate to be asked to run workshops and tutorials all around the world. He takes great pleasure in seeing people get it and open their minds to what rope can really be. “Not just a means of restraint but a much deeper and personally connected experience than any other I’ve ever found.” Clover is very passionate about rope, she models and performs, as well as makes impressive photos of Japanese rope work done by Dave. Her photography focusses on the feelings involved in rope play and she tells stories with her pictures.

On Saturday the 9th of August Dave and Clover will be offering the following classes:


People often prioritise complexity and ‘impressive looking’ bondage over feel and also tend to push forward with more complicated ties without the technique to support it. Control over tension and understanding its effect and importance is vital to helping develop better all round bondage.


Rope bondage isn’t a craft project, it’s an interaction between two like minded people. Good technique and knowledge are vital but, without knowing how to utilise them it is all too easy to remain disconnected from your partner. This class is about keeping you connected.

Full contact floor work

Full contact floor work is about being up close and personal with your partner, it’s about connection, intimacy, brutality and tenderness. It’s about tension, torque, bodyweight and leverage.

Early Bird Tickets now on sale! Eventbrite - Floorwork Saturday Workshop with Wykd Dave & Clover


On Sunday the 10th August Dave and Clover will be offering:

Improvers Floorwork Intensive Intended for those who are already confident in their floor work skills and are looking to take them to the next level. Places in this class will be strictly limited to ensure high quality teaching time. At the start of the class Dave will assess the skills and abilities of those attending and using his expert knowledge will create a custom class that will stimulate and challenge all attendees. This class will absolutely not be suitable for beginners.

Strictly limited places! Eventbrite - Intensive Floorwork Sunday Workshop with Wykd Dave and Clover

General information

All classes will presume a confident grasp of rope basics such as the single column tie, making frictions and rope handling. If you are a complete beginner you will be best to book in on Saturday and take up the Beginner Bargain Buy ticket to get a free session covering everything you’ll need to know for the rest of the day’s classes.

The style in which Dave and Clover tie is best for natural fibre ropes with individual ropes being around 8m in length. You should bring your own rope with you. STORE has some rope you can borrow for the day or arrange to buy some from us in advance of the class.

All tickets are for a 2 person partnership and riggers (people doing the tying) are expected to bring their own partner. If you are struggling to find a partner please contact us before purchasing a ticket and we might be able to help you find someone. Initially this set of classes will be offered as an all day ticket at the Early Bird Special price of £110 closing on 30th June. Single class tickets will become available at a later date.

All tickets must be paid for in advance and are sold on a first come, first served basis. In the event of becoming sold out a waiting list system will allocate tickets to the next person upon a cancellation.


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