Twisted: An intimate evening of rope performance & art

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9th August 2014, 1930 to 2200

The first event of its kind in Scotland, Twisted will showcase rope bondage as you’ve never seen it before with dynamic displays from our skilled performers. We invite you to our intimate subterranean venue to experience the tension and flow of the ropes and discover the hidden world of expressive rope bondage.

On our opening night we have the pleasure of presenting:

  • Wykd Dave & Clover – an internationally renowned team whose style will take you on an emotional journey as well as creating dynamic aesthetics. It is little wonder this duo are solidly booked for performances worldwide at least 1 year in advance!

Other acts will be added once confirmed.

Ticket cost: £7.50

Due to the venue size ticket sales will be strictly limited to 40 persons maximum. Buy your tickets here (We don’t see your payment details and you can book in any name you like)
Alternatively you can buy tickets over the counter @ Luke & Jack or from AijinNawa directly.

We welcome artists who wish to sketch during the acts but we request that patrons refrain from taking photographs or video footage during the performances. Watch with your eyes, not with your smartphone!

Do you have questions about Twisted? Contact Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange

One thought on “Twisted: An intimate evening of rope performance & art

    […] STORE set off into 2015 with a bang with a 5 day intensive workshop with Mr Hajime Kinoko at the Virginia Gallery. Twisted came at the end of the week with guest performers Fred Hatt & Miss Bones, Wkyd Dave and Clover and Kinoko with Skinnyredhead. We took the feedback from the last Twisted and set out to collaborate with our new venue, Club X, whilst keeping all the things we liked about The Virginia Gallery who still hosted our week of workshops. […]

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