Body Dynamics, Control & Restraint – October 12th 2014

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Body Dynamics, Control & Restraint

aka Taking control and keeping it

Link to buy tickets

Style: Any
Level: All levels
Capacity: Upper limit set at 18 persons.
Venue: Luke & Jack, 45 Virginia St, Glasgow
Cost: £7.50 per person Link to buy tickets

Description: Hands on skills session in using body position and leverage to take control of your partner in a safe manner. A few tricks to deal with tricky customers who like to try escape will also be covered! All this plus how to throw a rope or two into the mix.

Facilitators for this session: Formally trained martial arts practitioner with additional professional training in arrest techniques, control and restraint. Assistance from certified practitioner in PaMOVA (Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression)

Required knowledge/equipment: Nil. You should be physically fit to safely engage in the class. As a rough guide you should be able to stand up from lying unassisted and have no major joint deformity/injury. Advice for individual physical circumstances will happily be provided by the tutors outwith this session

Tickets will go on sale from 1st September 2014.

Link to buy tickets


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