Tying the Male Physique – 14th September 2014

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Tying the male physique
aka not all rope bottoms are 45kg Japanese girls!

It’s well known that the majority of resources out there presume that a female body is being tied. It’s also no surprise that ties that look fantastic on the female body are a tad unflattering on a male. Chest ties particularly.

That’s why STORE will be running a class dedicated to the art of making our boy bottoms look and feel their best in rope. We make no presumptions about gender and are simply talking about body shape.

Date: 14th September 2014, 1230 to 1630

Venue: Luke & Jack, 45 Virginia St, Glasgow

Cost: £5 per person

Event listing on Eventbrite | Event listing on Facebook |

Facilitators for this session:
AijinNawa – has been tying up boys of all genders for a few years now and has spent significant time in the last 2 years thinking about the differences between rope that works for male and female bodies. She is keen to promote the tying of men and encourage them to explore the ropes on both sides.

Topics covered:

  • Practicalities of working with the male body
  • Chest ties that don’t give “man boobs”
  • Overcoming strength with technique
  • Others to be added…
Do you have questions about Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange: Tying the Male Physique?Contact Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange

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