Twisted: January 31st 2015

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The first event of its kind in Scotland, Twisted will showcase rope bondage as you’ve never seen it before with dynamic displays from our skilled performers. We invite you to our intimate subterranean venue to experience the tension and flow of the ropes and discover the hidden world of expressive rope bondage.

We did such a good job with August’s event that we’ve found a whole new venue just a stone’s throw from the old one. Club X has joined up with us and in response to your feedback there’s a bit more room and quite a lot more seats! We even throw in a bar for good measure!

We will confirm acts in the coming weeks. So far we have:

Hajime Kinoko – expert in both traditional kinbaku and modern fusion styles Kinoko is a true artist of rope, emotion, energy and presence. Rarely seen outside of Japan his performances are something to be seen!

We welcome artists who wish to sketch during the acts but we request that patrons refrain from taking photographs or video footage during the performances. It is very distracting to others and has a negative impact on the experience. Watch with your eyes, not with your smartphone!

Do you have questions about Twisted? Contact Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange

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    […] (which sold out pretty much the minute it was announced!) organised by STORE. The performance night “Twisted” will take place January 31st and among the performers are the ever mesmerising Wykd Dave and […]

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