Tying the Male Physique – whole body positions

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At the Tying the Male Physique workshop we cover various positions that are well suited to masculine bodies and emphasise desirable features. We will provide a summary of the positions here, but not the detail of how to do the tie which we believe is best learned first hand at one of the workshops. The diagrams should provide a good memory jog for those who have come along!

The Hogtie


The Hogtie is any position where the wrists and ankles are bound together. This can be done with your subject lying on the ground or in a kneeling position. It is quite a difficult position to move out of without assistance and as such is a great leveler used on someone who is bigger or stronger than you are. Be careful of leaving someone on their front for too long however as breathing may become difficult over time. Roll them onto their side however and they are still vulnerable but more ahem accessible.

frogtieThe Frogtie

In the frogtie the arms and legs are tied into a folded position so that they resemble the bent leg of a frog before it jumps. This is a surprisingly comfortable position and keeps most of the front of the body clear of rope and will emphasise the muscles of the upper arm and legs. Due to the arched position when tied lying back it’s a great way to fake a toned set of abs thanks to the effects of posture and gravity!

dogtieThe Dogtie
The dogtie can really be considered any tie that produces an “on all fours” position similar to that of a dog. This is just one example. It’s probably not the most flattering of positions, but who doesn’t like a man on his knees? This is most definitely a functional position rather than a beautiful one!


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