10th May Open Exchange – Box Ties for Beginners

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Box Tie for Beginners

aka it’s not as difficult as it looks

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Date & Time: Sunday, May 10, 2015 ·12:30 PM – 4:30 PM  
Luke & Jack

45 Virginia St, Glasgow   @ map

Cost: £5 per person
Dress code: Comfortable casual wear. No underwear or lingerie please.

Level: Beginner and up
Equipment needed: natural ropes in 8m lengths will be demonstrated. With some modification synthetic ropes can also be used. Workshop ropes will be available for new people to borrow.

The versatile workhorse of rope bondage, the box tie is the foundation of many floor work and suspension ties in both eastern and western styles. Despite its complicated appearance even beginners can tie a safe and functional box tie and understanding the building blocks of this tie is a good foundation for other styles of tie too.

Mr Knotty will lead this session and will show the basics of a 2 rope “TK” style box tie. If there’s time we might even get onto the 3rd rope.

There are no suspension points at this venue and so whilst this tie can be used for suspensions no suspension will be taught.


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