19-20th June – Connective Intensive with Caritia

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This June, STORE is delighted to present a 2 day intensive on rope in a connective style and utilising aspects of sensuality.

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  • Times – 12 hours total teaching time over 2 days. 1030 – 1830 approximately each day (breaks not included in teaching time estimate).
  • Skill level – knowledge of how to tie a single column tie and basic hitches is preferred. Otherwise will suit a wide range of skill levels
  • Partners – Please bring a partner with whom you are able to tie on an emotionally intimate basis. Most people will prefer to bring their romantic partner or a rope partner with whom they have built a close relationship with. All orientations and dynamics welcomed.
  • Equipment needed – please bring your own rope. Natural ropes in 7-8m lengths preferred but not essential. You must provide your own suspension hardware although note that suspension work is entirely optional. Please bring a cutting device. If you do not have one STORE will provide one on the day for a £2 fee


This two day intensive is for rope connection, play and forming trust within a rope/play scene.

Caritia’s aim is to include –

  • rope safety
  • body dynamics and mechanics
  • Ichinawa / One Rope
  • Acupressure Points and rope
  • Face and Head Bondage and
  • partial suspension.

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Kitty-6845smAbout Caritia:

Caritia is many facets of a life path of exploration, which continues in each moment and movement.

Caritia is a wildly erotic, London born, Berlin based artist/creative of Afro-Caribbean decent, with over 18 years of experience within BDSM. A conscious kink practitioner, a lifestyle Dominant, a presenter, a photographer, a model, a teacher, a performer and a strong advocate of self-empowerment for all, working from a female led perspective.

Caritia’s aim is to share her knowledge and experiences from a perspective of honouring oneself (body, mind, spirit), whilst exploring the inner and outer spaces of the body through the disciplines of breath, meditation, bdsm, sensation play and Japanese style inspired rope bondage. Creating an environment for secure, consenting mindful adult play, communication and interaction. Giving space to explore the new, challenging and often unexplored landscape that is “your body”

Caritia’s focus is feminine dominance and empowerment. Through the vehicles of risk aware consensual kink, self responsibility, open communication, personal growth and present adult play/exploration, within all that this encompasses.

Caritia’s work takes it’s inspiration from practices of, BDSM, kinbaku, shibari, dance – (contact improvisation, tango), Lomi Lomi Massage, basic massage, meditation, acupressure, breath work (Including Holotropic, Oroborous – Kai Ehrhardt, Roy Hart work from Walli Höfinger) movement practice (Klein Technique from Babara Mahler, Acro-Yoga).

Caritia is confident in her vulnerability, follows her intuition and aims to remain present. An on going work that encourages the companionship of her long time friend humour. Caritia travels her path, embracing her, spirituality, sensuality, sexuality strength and her connection to that which roots her – honesty and trust.

To book private sessions, workshops, talks, photographic shoots, interviews or for further enquiries email caritia@gmail.com


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