Beginner Suspension Intensive with Fred_Rx

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You asked for it and so it shall be!

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 Beginner Suspension Intensive with Fred_Rx
 19th – 20th September 2015

Level: improvers and intermediate
Style: mixed
Location: Luke & Jack – 45 Virginia St Glasgow
Cost: £150 per partnership – you must bring your own partner
Times: 1030 to 1630 both days
Equipment: You should aim to bring all your own equipment. There will be a limited amount of carabiners and rings available.

*please note you MUST be able to tie a “TK” style chest tie without instruction. You will not be able to benefit from this class if you cannot*

This class is exactly as the description: for those who want to take the step from the floor to the air you can do so under close instruction with an experienced tutor in a safe and supportive environment. If you are relatively new to suspension but already flying you will probably get a lot of this class too. This is quite possibly the best way to learn the basics and reduce your chances of dangerous mistakes!

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About Fred:

Fred_Rx began tying several years ago, when he discovered he didn’t have enough hands to restrain and hurt people with. He started out using whatever combination of Eastern and Western ties seemed most effective, but quickly learned that rope could be used for play and torture in its own right.

He has been using suspension as part of his play for many years also and has lots of tips and tricks to pass onto those beginning their journey.

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Do you have questions about Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange – Beginner Suspension Intensive? Contact Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange

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