29th May 2016 – Ranboo with Barkas

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We are delighted to be hosting Internationally Respected teacher Barkas in Glasgow this May. As part of the weekend of activities he will be teaching his unique style, Ranboo.

Ranboo is a game with the astonishment of your partner.

It is not to apply certain patterns but to apply all patterns in an empathic and conscious way. For a good Ranboo session it’s much more crucial how to shape the session dynamically. Dynamic is often misunderstood as speed, but its the spatial and temporal game with distance (ma-ai), with constantly changing the speed (Kankyuu) and last but not least with hard and soft phases of the session.

In a Ranboo session one can treat their partner like an enemy and in the next second this enemy can be the love of their life.

The crucial point is that your partner is not able to foresee what’s coming next and this is probably the most difficult thing in Ranboo: to know what to do without showing it, to take care of your partner’s safety without breaking the flow and to step back as an individual. Without controlling yourself you cannot control the session and even one single situation.

Ranboo sometimes looks like wild rage but it is empathy and devotion.

  • Date: Sunday 29th May 2016
  • Time: 1230 to 1630
  • Location: Club X, 68 Virginia St, Glasgow (Enter via Delmonicas)
  • Price: £40 per partnership – Buy Tickets Here or pay on the day
  • Skill level: Accessible to all levels. You will get the most out of the class if you already know a non-tightening cuff of any style. Drop into one of our Intro to Rope sessions for full instruction.



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