Lahtnor the Viking will be joining us for a weekend suspension workshop

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Level: Intermediate – If tying you should be able to construct a suspension chest harness and have had some experience of managing suspension lines. The suspensions will be fully supervised and are accessible to those just starting out in suspension. Those being tied should have had at least some suspension experience and be able to give feedback about what works for their body

Location: Basement49, 49 Broad St, Glasgow, G40 2QW
Eventbrite - Suspension Workshop with Lahtnor

Tickets – £180 plus booking fee

Day 1

Body awareness for rigger & model

Warming up and hand position in TK
I will show a variety of movements to properly warm up your body for ropeplay, something that is beneficial not only for the model but also the rigger.
After warmup we will talk about locked hand placement in the TK to add structure and stability.

Marionette Suspension

This suspension is very dynamic and playful and creates a tremendous variety for both rigger and model. It explores body awareness for those who are bound. It can be a great challenge to move freely using your stability and strength, you can vary your position from standing to inverted without changing any lines. It also maintains security since you can always return to standing if it becomes stressful. Riggers can use the tie to move the model in any form or shape you see fit and help in the flowing movements your model and you want to experience. This creates a unique interaction between the rigger and the one who is bound since you both can initiate something for the tie.

Mixed skills – depending on time and what participants wants

Quick release suspension – Using a quick release tsuri line and suspension point to add excitement for the model hanging in the suspension and also gives a great performance effect.
Fast leg binding – to use in an inverted suspension or as a tool to add in suspensions.
Fast hip support – to use for vertical lift.

Body awareness for rigger & model

I will show a variety of movements to properly stretch out your body after ropeplay. Also for working towards being more flexible something that is beneficial not only for the model but also the rigger to push getting stronger and safer in and out of the ropes .

Day 2

Tying with intention and focus

A freeform approach to rope
We will talk about intent and space, movement and handling not in the technical sense but all about emotion and creating that special connection with the person you are tying with.

Ideas about using your body as a tool in creating a sadistic setting for ropeplay.
Using punching, pressurepoints, sound, body movement, fearplay, pauses and unpredictability when creating a scene.

Kneeling suspension

This suspension is static and majestic, the model will be suspended upright with knees pointing down in the air and many tsuri lines will create a cage of rope surrounding the model. Its great fun to use for spinning and swinging through the air. This suspension is stable and not to stressful.


A suspension where you start sitting down. Your body leaning forward folding your arms under your legs and grasp behind your back locking your in position.
Your legs are facing in front of you gets lifted up by two ankle ties to get you into upright position with you legs now facing upwards.
A very challenging suspension in its raw form that calls for good flexibility of the one being tied.
Can be done in different steps to make it easier on the one being tied so you can gradually work your way up.

Thoughts and reflections

Some time at the end to talk about rope, fun personal stories and grounding ourselves together to express our thoughts about the workshop and share our feelings about rope.


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