Night Classes @ Club Rebound

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PhotographWe’re going to be offering tutorials and classes on the nights that Club Rebound is open. These will be a bit more focused than our Intro to Rope classes and aimed at getting people up to speed on different techniques or ideas to boost their confidence to join the Masterclasses and Special Workshops.

Prices will be £15+ per person depending on the topic and class size (ie the smaller the class or more specialist the topic, the more it’ll be)

Classes are open to all. No special membership with us is required. However:

Club Rebound is a Private Members BDSM club in Glasgow. They do not post their address online and neither will we. If you want to take up a place at Night Class you’ll be agreeing that you are OK attend a BDSM club. If you don’t like this as an idea you’ll need to check out one of our events in another venue instead. If you are not a member of Club Rebound you will be a guest of the organisers. Your class fee includes staying on at the club for the rest of the evening. For non-members we’ll arrange to meet you at a nearby location and take you along at the start of the class.

Check out the events section for details.


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