Night Classes @ Club Rebound

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PhotographWe’re going to be offering tutorials and classes on the nights that Club Rebound is open. These will be a bit more focused than our Intro to Rope classes and aimed at getting people up to speed on different techniques or ideas to boost their confidence to join the Masterclasses and Special Workshops.

Prices will be £15+ per person depending on the topic and class size (ie the smaller the class or more specialist the topic, the more it’ll be)

Classes are open to all. No special membership with us is required. However:

Club Rebound is a Private Members BDSM club in Glasgow. They do not post their address online and neither will we. If you want to take up a place at Night Class you’ll be agreeing that you are OK attend a BDSM club. If you don’t like this as an idea you’ll need to check out one of our events in another venue instead. If you are not a member of Club Rebound you will be a guest of the organisers. Your class fee includes staying on at the club for the rest of the evening. For non-members we’ll arrange to meet you at a nearby location and take you along at the start of the class.

Check out the events section for details.


Intro to Rope – 21st May @ Rebound, Glasgow

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The next intro class is on 21st May. Details here:



Rope Salon 25th March @ Club X, Glasgow

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Event details here 


noun – a regular social gathering, especially of artists and intellectuals, for both discussion and the presentation of new ideas

Rope Salon is a discussion with likeminded people
Rope Salon is a space to tie and be tied
Rope Salon is a place for new ideas, innovation and art
Rope Salon is a safe haven

Whether you are new to rope or one of our regulars you are welcome to join us for an evening of social tying and networking.

We welcome all skill levels, approaches, identities and orientations to our space. You don’t need to be a member of any special groups or have asked permission to come along. Just turn up on the night. You can purchase a ticket in advance if you like, but most people just slip us a shiny fiver at the door.

You don’t even need to be tying to join us. Watchers are welcome too.


  • Doors open from 7pm. Last entry by 9pm
  • Discussion and socialising in seated area
  • Tying space available in open plan area with some seated observation/sketching space

Andrea Quatracorda Kinbaku Workshop, Glasgow, April 29-30th

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Grab your tickets now for this amazing workshop on offer by Andrea Quatracorda for Kinbaku Alba!

All the details and tickets here

Level: Improver and up (levels explained here)



  • Workshop introduction
  • LQC style features
  • Technique/aestetics/communication
  • Single and double column tie
  • Tsuri nawa
  • Use of nawajiri
  • Matanawa
  • Hip harness LQC
  • Hashigata
  • Futomomo
  • Futomomo zuri
  • Signature tie
  • Tanuki shibari
  • Kuzushi nawa
  • Ebizeme
  • Ryo ashi shibari
  • The ma
  • Amatta nawa
  • Semenawa and shikarizeme
  • Control of the bottom
  • Sabaki



  • Three versions of gote shibari
  • The third rope of a gote shibari
  • Bottom control by the tsuri nawa
  • Freestyle

Small group tutorials now available at Club Rebound

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We are pleased to offer small group tutorials in intermediate to advanced topics in conjunction with Club Rebound in Glasgow.

For tickets and details visit

Workshop Levels

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One of the most common questions we get asked is what level do you need to be to join the workshops? We try to make most of our workshops accessible to all skills, but we do give some guidance so that you can get the most out of the experience.

Kinbaku Alba defines the workshop levels as follows:


logomakr_132lxqAt beginner level you would be attending for the first time or may have taken an Intro class.  You will require guidance to tie the basics correctly and the majority of ties you know use only one rope. You probably have had less than 6 hours tutorial time with a teacher.

Beginners who tie should focus on limb ties, making hitches, rope handling and building rapport with their partner.

Beginners being tied should focus on being able to identify a correct limb tie, observing how their body feels in rope and building rapport with their partner.


logomakr_5ogweuAn Improver can confidently tie the basics without the need for instruction. You can build ties using multiple ropes and understand how to use hitches to change direction and add stability. You will be spending the majority of your time on floor work but may be starting to explore the use of suspension lines under direct instruction.

Improvers who tie should be confident tying safe limb ties and understand how to build the first two ropes of a Takatekote / Gote Shibari in any style. You should also be able to construct at least one Futomomo / Bent leg tie variant and one hip harness. You should also be confident that your rope work does not slip out of place during movement. You will be working towards combining elements and should be confident in rope handling. Improvers should be able to tie emotively with basic elements and establish rapport easily with their partner.

Improvers being tied should be able to define the difference between normal pressure and signs of danger. You should similarly be able to communicate in a positive manner to your partner when rope placement is causing discomfort. Improvers should focus on “listening” for gestures and right moments that invite them to influence the course of the tie and feel confident that they are part of a dynamic partnership.


logomakr_8m7hpzThose tying at the intermediate level have built a solid repertoire of ties and spend much more time tying outside of direct tuition. You will start to improvise more and understand the construction of common elements  between ties. If you are working towards suspensions then you will start taking your first flights under direction.

Those tying at an Intermediate level can easily construct several variants of chest, limb and hip ties with adaptations to suit different body shapes. If choosing to engage in suspension you are confident in line management and can undertake partial suspensions from previous workshops without correction and can engage safely in more advanced ties in a classroom setting.

Those being tied at the intermediate level will be confident in their body knowledge and be able to communicate during ties without verbal language with at least one regular partner. You should focus on understanding the demands of particular ties on your body and be able to highlight difficulties for constructive discussion.


logomakr_5xpbklAdvanced students have undertaken significant tuition and private practice and are confident tying a wide range of ties. You can adapt your existing knowledge easily to particular challenges and rarely need correction in your technique and safety. If you have chosen to undertake suspensions you have confident knowledge of line management, load dynamics and have an appreciation for the dangers involved. You are confident improvising new ties based on your existing knowledge.

Those who tie at the Advanced level have undertaken several private lessons, workshops or masterclasses with recognised experts in any style of Kinbaku. We do not consider any method of self learning to be adequate due to the lack of appraisal and feedback from an expert, particularly when it comes to suspension technique. You can safely tie with new partners and establish rapport with verbal and non-verbal techniques.

Those being tied at the Advanced level are able to engage in discussion and feedback about the particulars of the ties being used and the suitability for their body. You will know which kinds of ties you are most comfortable with and be able to offer suggestions on how to make modifications. If you are engaging in suspensions you have a confident knowledge regarding the dangers and possible injuries and how to communicate problems. If you tie with a new partner you can easily establish rapport with both verbal and non-verbal communication and are rarely misunderstood.


January date for Intro to Rope added

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Want to get started with rope? Don’t know where to start? Come along and we will teach you just a handful of techniques that will for the basis for safe, effective and aesthetic ties. If you only ever take one class then you won’t find much better than this!

Entry Level Class – £5 either in advance or pay on the day.
Eventbrite - Intro to Rope
No experience necessary. Ropes are available to borrow.

Class is from 1430 to 1630 during Rebound Open House. If you have not been to Rebound before you will need to meet us in Hengler’s Circus on Sauchiehall St, Glasgow between 1330 and 1400. There will be a piece of rope on the table to identify the group for newcomers. We cannot give you the venue address as it is a private members club and newcomers will be taken in as our guests for the day.

We repeat the very basics at every Intro to Rope Class so whether you are looking to get started or refresh your memory you will be more than welcome to join us. Each month we will also teach some application of the basics. This month we will focus on one rope techniques.