ARCHAEOLOGY OF PERSONALITIES: a linguistic approach to erotic rope bondage by Georg Barkas

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41w2luiw7ulWe cannot recommend this book enough. Too many volumes look only at the technicality of tying and not feeling and expression that creates the most memorable and meaningful interactions with our partners.

It’s on Kindle here (and on Unlimited if you have it) or you can buy it in processed tree carcass form too for real world reading.

New book added to STORE’s store

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ImageRecently we acquired a copy of “Tie Me Up! The Complete Guide to Bondage” by Stephan Niederwieser which in a refreshing change from the norm is dedicated 100% to the tying of men. This beginner level text covers a lot of information including the origins of rope bondage, the different styles that exist and describes very well that there are many different ways to approach rope and enjoy it. There are several ties described in the book in a step by step manner with all the appropriate points to look out for noted. It presumes absolutely no prior knowledge of rope.  It has been written in a knowledgeable but encouraging tone and has a lot clearer information than many other volumes that show a distinct bias towards the tying of the female form.

This volume is aimed principally at gay men and is worded to presume both participants are male. The ties will however work quite satisfactorily on any man, be he gay, straight, bi or otherwise inclined! Be warned though: the pictures contain willies!

Please consider buying this via STORE’s Amazon Affiliate Account so that we receive a referral fee. You don’t pay any more for this. You can also pick up a copy for the same price at Luke & Jack’s, Glasgow.