What to wear to a STORE workshop

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The primary purpose of STORE is to provide educational space in which everyone is comfortable. As such here are a few guidelines for how to dress for a STORE educational event.

STORE will be taking a no nudity/lingerie/underwear policy during educational events. This is to respect all attendees boundaries and to delineate the difference between a learning space and a play space. If you think of workshops as being like dressing for a yoga or dance class you’ll probably get it right.

Temperature is the main issue for most people and layering is often the way to go. Sometimes it will be too hot, sometimes it will be too cold. Many of you will notice that your body temperature increases greatly during ties and suddenly drops off afterwards. Preparing for this in advance is essential.

For those tying, you may find that light comfortable trousers and a t-shirt/vest gives the best range of movement with the option of adding a thicker jumper or jacket on top to keep warm when not active. Skirts are generally a bit impractical for doing rope, but you will find a long and loose skirt much easier than a short tight one. Many people have a tendency to tie in bare feet or socks only (which is mandatory in venues with matted floors!) but generally go with what you are comfortable in. Learning a tie is not the time to try out your new towering heels!

Those being tied should try keep things easy for the people doing the tying. In general the more detail of your body they can see the better. The ideal is probably leotard and leggings but will not suit all people’s confidence with body shape. Technical t-shirts and baselayers found in sports shops are a great alternative. Try to avoid very baggy clothes or clothes with a slippery surface as these make learning quite tough for your partner as ropes will slip about or be in the wrong place. Bring a warm jumper or blanket for in between activity.

Items that may cause issues:

  • Underwired bras – the underwire sits exactly where ropes would like to be and can cause a ruined bra at best, painful pressure at worst.
  • Fishnet/lace tights – those wee beggars get caught on everything!
  • Strappy tops or cutout details on the back of a top – try keeping your back as fuss free as possible and as tight to the skin as possible

If you have other suggestions or questions please feel free to add them below!

Introduction to Ichinawa/One rope techniques – August 17th 2014

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Introduction to one rope techniques/Ichinawa

aka One rope, one knot and lots of fun


RSVP here for this event

Style(s): Japanese/Eastern. Connective.
Level: Beginner and up
Capacity: no set limit
Venue: Luke & Jack, 45 Virginia St, Glasgow

Description: Small hands on group session on one rope/ichinawa techniques. This is an introductory session is repeated so don’t worry if you miss it this time around.

Required knowledge/equipment: Competence in any variant of the single column tie is essential. You should aim to bring your own rope although some can be borrowed on the day. This session will presume the use of traditional length kinkbaku rope (7-8m ropes, natural fibre, 4-6mm diameter). All the ties can be done with just about any rope however.

Please register your interest in attending using the RSVP function so that an appropriate number of instructors can be recruited.


STORE workshops are run by volunteers and everyone is welcome to request topics or host workshops of their own. Simply get in touch to discuss.

Basic Rope Safety and Emergencies Management – 22nd June 2014

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Basic Rope Safety and Emergencies Management – 22nd June 2014

aka how to avoid fucking up and how to deal with it if you do!

This session is aimed at everyone involved in rope whether they tie or do the tying. A large portion of the information can also be applied to non-rope play and attendees from other skills are more than welcome to attend.

There will be teaching of practical, hands on first aid and modified CPR during this session. This session does not replace attending a formal first aid course and no certification will be given.

date: 22nd June 2014 at Club Rebound (If you don’t know where this is head for Hengler’s Circus for 1330)


£3 per person to the venue
Donations requested on a non-obligatory basis towards the cost of the CPR equipment and sacrificial ropes
Eventbrite - Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange Basic Safety & Emergences Management

Facilitators for this session:

Guidance will be provided by a professionals with backgrounds in A&E medicine, Emergency Services training and Basic through to Advanced Life Support. Input has been requested from a spectrum of individuals with medical, psychological and health and safety experience as well as those with practical experience in rope.

Topics covered:

Basic Safety – Theoretical Component2014-05-28 17.44.25

  • Safety equipment you should own – covering safety shears, line cutters, first aid kits with a rope safety focus. All items discussed can be purchased at the event or in advance.
  • Asking the right questions to new partners – covering how much you need to know about someone’s physical and mental health whilst respecting their personal boundaries.
  • Setting up a safe play environment – covering how to play safely without losing the atmosphere both at home and in public environments.
  • Safe words, safe signs and checking in – covering how setting up a language for communication of “all is well” can enhance all partners’ experience
  • Common problems encountered in rope bondage – covering circulation issues, identifying problematic pressure areas, “spacing out” vs worrisome reduced consciousness and simple injuries
  • Mental and emotional first aid – covering how to communicate effectively about the non-physical side of rope and deal with difficult emotions.

Emergencies Management – Practical ComponentSTORE1

  • Cutting the rope vs untying – covering situations where both approaches are either exactly the right or wrong thing to do
  • Safe removal of tight bindings – covering the practicalities of removing ligatures without causing injury
  • Practical management of panic – covering giving helpful support to a partner experiencing acute emotional crisis
  • Loss of consciousness – covering simple faint, a non-communicating partner and sudden collapse
  • The non-breathing collapsed partner – covering how to respond to a life threatening emergency and practical instruction in Hands Only CPR.

What you need to bring to this session:

  • No tying will be taught during the session. Feel free to bring rope for having a jam afterwards though as it won’t take the full 4 hours available to cover the material.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to get down on the floor for the CPR section
  • There are few seating options at the venue. Be ready to sit on the floor or stand to the side

If you want to attend please register your interest here
Eventbrite - Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange Basic Safety & Emergences Management

The Who, What, Where, Why and When of STORE

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What is STORE?

The Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange is pretty much what it says on the tin: a regular meeting in the Strathclyde area which is open to all people interested in rope, rope art and rope bondage.

Who is STORE for?

Anyone interested in rope regardless of experience level, style or role. You can learn to tie, come and be tied, share your knowledge or simply observe. You can participate as much or as little as you like.

Why was STORE started?

Scotland, particularly Central Scotland, has a rapidly expanding group of rope practitioners from various styles, philosophies and approaches. There are regular Peer Workshops and individual tuition opportunities along with regular club nights (Rebound and Club T) that provide dedicated space and experienced attendees in a multitude of styles. STORE is intended to compliment the already available resources whilst adding a different flavour by holding themed educational events on a semi-regular basis.

Where will it be held?

At the moment the plan is to hold semi-regular events at the premises of Club Rebound. Additional venues will always be kept in mind for additional events.

When will it be?

STORE will happen on alternate months during the Open House event at Club Rebound. This will be the opposite months from the Peer Rope Workshop. Care will be taken to try and avoid clashing with the Peer Rope Edinburgh workshop and other events where possible.

How much will it cost?

As much as hiring the venue costs split across the number of people attending. STORE is a non-profit venture. This writing will be updated with event listings as and when they are made.

Introduction to Ichinawa/One rope techniques – 30th March 2014

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Style(s ): Japanese/Eastern. Connective.
Level : Beginner and up
Capacity : 8 attendees
Venue : Private venue in North Lanarkshire

Description: Small hands on group session on one rope/ichinawa techniques. Due to venue constraints there will be only 8 places available. This is an introductory session and will be repeated again in the future.

Required knowledge/equipment: Competence in any variant of the single column tie is essential. You should aim to bring your own rope although some can be borrowed on the day. This session will presume the use of traditional length kinkbaku rope (7-8m ropes, natural fibre, 4-6mm diameter)

Please register your interest in attending using the RSVP function or by mailing directly. Please only reserve a place if you know you can attend.

Planned ties:
片手首縛り – Katate kubi shibari- Single wrist binding
変形前手縄 – Henkei Mae Te Nawa – Variation on tied hands in…

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