Rope from the Bottom’s Perspective: An Afternoon with Gestalta – December 14th

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Rope from the Bottom’s Perspective

aka Tying your partner, not a partner

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Eventbrite - Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange: The Bottom's perspective

Style: Any
Level: All levels
Capacity: No limits
Venue: Luke & Jack’s
Cost: £7.50 per person (Note this is a slightly higher price than normal sessions as our expert facilitator has been brought in specially)

This workshop is aimed at both bottoms AND riggers. Practical exercises with a partner are involved (although there is no minimum experience level). I’d encourage anyone attending alone to pair off with another member of the group at random, though you’re welcome just to watch if you’re more comfortable with that.

Description: A lot of the emphasis of rope workshops is placed on the act of tying, rather than that of being tied. Being a rope bottom is not a passive experience and there are skills that bottoms learn over time too. Bottoms are not interchangeable bodies for practicing rope on and a good understanding of the complexities of what it is to be bound is essential for bottoms and riggers alike. With that in mind STORE has sought out the experience of the internationally admired Gestalta to offer her unique perspective of what it is to be a rope bottom.

Facilitators for this session: Gestalta was introduced to kinbaku for the first time whilst working as a photographic model in 2007, and it remains one of her main passions to this day. In 2009 (ish?) she first started modelling for Esinem, and did (and still does) various performances / workshops with him around London.

From 2011 to 2014 she modelled for Kazami Ranki for many workshops and performances around Europe and Australia.
Gestalta has also attended more workshops than she can count as a model for a wide variety of both teachers and students.

She has been tying for almost as long as she has been modelling, beginning with self suspension and later tying other people, and has picked up most of her knowledge of this from watching and experiencing rope, rather than formal tuition. She also has such a broad experience of being a rope bottom and model that she is able to teach about rope from both sides of the dynamic and place emphasis on the importance of the experience of the person being tied as well as the one doing the tying.

Please register your interest in attending using the RSVP function so that we can plan logistics.

Eventbrite - Strathclyde Open Rope Exchange: The Bottom's perspective