Rope Salon – 7th July 2016 at Club X

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A new idea from StORE, we present Rope Salon.

Rope Salon is a discussion with likeminded people
Rope Salon is a space to tie and be tied
Rope Salon is a place for new ideas, innovation and art
Rope Salon is a safe haven

Club X is at 68 Virginia St, Glasgow

Entry is £5


  • Doors open from 7pm. Last entry by 9pm
  • Discussion and socialising in seated area with suggestions on each table for topics
  • Tying space available in open plan area with some seated observation/sketching space
  • Demonstrations and Presentations by invited guests on selected nights

Expected behaviour

  • Socialising and group discussion to be kept to the bar and seated areas.
  • Alcohol consumption in moderation is allowed.
  • Be polite to others.
  • Have fun, experiment and innovate.
  • Use the space to meet new tying partners in a safe and monitored environment
  • Please respect the privacy of others.
  • No cameras or mobile phone recordings please. Those wishing to capture artistic imagery should discuss it with the organisers first.

Tying space guidelines

  • Our tying space is open to all levels of skill and styles of tying
  • The space is for interpersonal exchange based on the use of rope only. No canes, crops, floggers etc
  • Swimwear level of nudity at most.
  • No intimate touching.
  • Any patron who is drunk will not be allowed into the tying area, even to observe.

Safe Haven

  • Rope Salon respects the right of all patrons to express themselves as individuals
  • Rope Salon will take a Zero Tolerance approach to any kind of harassment or prejudice towards our patrons
  • The venue is an LGBT space and we are the guest of that community.
  • The Safeword RED applies to all parts of the space. If used by anyone in your area please give them your attention and react appropriately.
  • If anyone is making you feel uncomfortable in any way you can approach any of the staff for help. If the person you’d like to speak about is nearby or you need discretion please use the phrase “Have you seen Monica or Joe this evening?”. Our staff will know to take you somewhere private to discuss the problem with you.
  • We take safety very seriously. We hope that the space will be self-policing, but staff will reserve the right to intervene on safety grounds. Feedback will be provided after the situation is made safe.

Rope Salon is NOT a fetish or BDSM event. Whilst it is being listed on Fetlife you should think of it as being much more like a social dance evening. As such our “rules” are based on Scottish Law and allowable activity in a public setting.