The Yuki Knot – Basic

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This is the basic non tightening cuff that is taught at Kinbaku Alba workshops. There are lots of different ways to tie a non tightening cuff or single column tie. You don’t have to use this one if you have another one you prefer.

Whatever style of knot is used it must not tighten the cuff when the standing end is pulled, and remain easy to un-tie even if the knot compacts.

The Yuki Knot or Boola Boola Knot

  1. Double over your rope and find the middle (the bight).
    • To find the bight take both ends of the rope together in one hand and pull the ends along together until you reach the loop where they both meet
  2. Wrap once over the top of the thing you wish to tie
    • This gives more control over the limb being tied
    • You should try to hold the tension in the wrap as shown
  3. Wrap again taking care to keep the tension of both wraps the same and pass the bight over the top of all the wraps
    • If you need more rope simply pull some through using your thumb and forefinger to keep the tension
  4. Pass the bight under all the wraps
    • If you press up with a finger under the wraps you will keep your tension
  5. Make a loop in your standing end
    • Pay close attention to the direction of the loop. It is a half turn in the same direction the wraps were applied
  6. Pull the bight through the loop and pull to tighten


Tied properly this cuff will not tighten no matter how much load is put on the standing end yet will be easy to undo by pulling on the bight to open up the knot.

This knot works best with natural fibre ropes. It may not be reliable with synthetic ropes and is especially prone to failure with climbing ropes. All of the tutorials on Kinbaku Alba are based on natural fiber twisted ropes.


Crash-test Chrissie

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Crash-test Chrissie

We needed a volunteer to be in distress, so Chrissie stepped up to the mark!

Meet her at the Safety and Emergencies Management session